6 questions you can ask to get excellent testimonial videos

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We all love reading reviews. Some of us even enjoy writing reviews. Nowadays businesses and customers alike know how important it is to have positive reviews on your website, social media etc. Let’s cover 6 questions you can ask to get excellent testimonial videos.

One very powerful form of a review is video testimonial. In this short post we’re going to cover a sequence of questions so that you can get the most out of your testimonial.

Now, I’ll leave sourcing the talent and equipment to you. Once you’ve the both of those, then what’s next?

Of course, the content is shoot and share is just as important as how it looks and sounds. You’ll want to ensure that your viewer goes through a journey from beginning to end and understands why someone chose a product or service.

Here’s a testimonial I shot for a Martial Arts Club that followed the series of questions I’m about to share with you.

As you can see from this clip, we get a lot of information from our talent and we start on a journey that takes us through what they’re thinking. Also, we get to understand what benefits they’ve experienced as a result of training martial arts.

These are key elements to scripting an engaging testimonial video.

So without further adieu, here’s the 6 questions you can ask to get the best testimonial video from your talent:

  1. What was the obstacle that prevented you from starting/purchasing X before?
  2. What have you found as a result of starting/buying X?
  3. What do you like most about X?
  4. What are 3 benefits you’ve found since starting/purchasing X?
  5. Would you recommend this product/service, and id so, why?
  6. Anything else you would like to add about X

Did you notice these are all open ended questions. In short, open ended questions can’t be answered with a simple yes or no.

The flow of the questions will give you information that takes your viewer on a journey. It goes like this:

  • I didn’t want to do something
  • I did something
  • Now I love it and will tell everyone else about it

And that’s it. You’ll have plenty of great footage to bring back to the editing room and put out a phenomenal testimonial video for your company/clients etc.

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