How to make an explainer video in 2020


This might sound very basic, but the best place to start is your script. Once you have your script, then you have a baseline to build out the rest of the video. Here is quick synopsis of how to make an explainer video in 2020.

3 things to include in every script you use are the following:

  1. Economic influence
  2. Social influence
  3. Technological influence

We will cover these 3 in detail, but including these items in a script makes sure that your explainer video touches on the right emotions for your audience.

Here’s an example of a script using the following method.

“Many of our consumers come to us and the first thing they think is “this better not more than $400 for me to sign up” (economic influence). As we begin to understand our consumer they tell us more about the problems they are facing and why they are considering our solution to fix their problem.

We quickly see that the customer came to us because they were told by their friend that if they use this package, their website will quickly start ranking on search pages (social influence). They can also include buttons on their site to easily share the content on Twitter & Facebook (more social influence).

Finally, customers keep coming back to us because we deliver quality content that is easily shared on mobile and desktop browsers. As 90% of traffic is now mobile, we offer all our packages in responsive designs (technological influence).”

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As you can see from the above process, you can quickly create a 3 paragraph script for an explainer video that resonates with your audience.

This flow here mimics what you’re customer is thinking when they come in contact with your business.

First thing is, how much will this cost?

Secondly, why should I care?

Lastly, is this relevant for me today?

You can check all these boxes and turn your explainer video into an automated pitch for your website.

In our next post, we’ll cover some of the hardware you’ll need to start creating your a professional looking explainer video.